Did you know that many of the dance shoes you wear may actually be made by us? We are a leading OEM manufacturer for various dance shoe brands, and we are proud to offer our own factory direct brand, Pro Dancer.

Whether you’re looking for Argentine Tango shoes, Ballroom dance shoes, Latin dancing shoes, Practice dance shoes or any other style, we have everything from classic 1930’s designs to the latest trends. We even offer customization options to truly make your shoes your own.

Whether you are in the US, Canada, Italy, UK, Germany, France, or in Australia, or South Africa, or Dubai, we ship worldwide for free.

Our dance shoes are meticulously crafted with the following key characteristics:

1. Comfort: We prioritize your comfort by incorporating additional padding and cushioning in key areas. This reduces foot fatigue, ensuring you can dance for hours without discomfort.

2. Flexibility: Our dance shoes feature a flexible sole that allows your feet and ankles to move freely. This flexibility is essential for executing dance movements with precision and ease.

3. Stability: Designed to prevent slipping on the dance floor, our shoes offer exceptional stability. The specialized sole, made of suede or leather, provides the perfect balance of traction and grip, enabling smooth movements.

4. Durability: Our dance shoes are built to withstand the rigorous demands of dancing. They are crafted from high-quality materials that maintain their shape and performance over time, ensuring durability despite frequent use.

5. Style: We understand the importance of both looking and feeling good while dancing. That's why our dance shoes come in a wide variety of stylish designs, colors, and styles, allowing you to express your unique personality on the dance floor.

6. Proper Fit: Our dance shoes are available in a range of sizes and widths, ensuring a proper fit for everyone. Finding the right fit is crucial for enhanced comfort, optimal performance, and the prevention of foot problems.

7. Performance Enhancement: Our dance shoes are specifically designed to enhance your performance. They provide the necessary support, flexibility, and traction required to execute dance movements correctly. By wearing our shoes, you can achieve improved technique and overall performance on the dance floor.

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